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No snow for NYC, but dreary week ahead – New York Post

No snow for NYC, but dreary week ahead – New York Post

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New York City dodges snow this week, but it’ll be nothing but gray skies ahead.
After being battered by freezing weather in the last few weeks of January, the month is ending without a bang as temperatures are expected to stay in the high 30s, lower 40s in the coming days, meteorologists say.
With temperatures remaining above average for this time of year, Sunday’s rain will not develop into any snow, Fox Weather told The Post — sparing the city from any more wintery slush.
While it is expected to rain all day Sunday, the drizzle will stop by the following morning at around 8 a.m.
With the storm system passing, no other precipitation is expected to hit the New York City area until Friday, where there is a small chance for some light rain.
No big temperature swings are expected for the week, with partly cloudy skies expected to hang around.
The clouds are predicted to part by the weekend, with the following Sunday seeing a chilly but sunny day.
Although January will end with a lack of snow and warmer than usual weather, winter may bite back as climate scientists predict a polar vortex will strike in February.
“Cold is likely to return to eastern North America in mid-February, a region where cold has been more ephemeral,” said Judah Cohen, a VERISK atmospheric and environmental research scientist.
Cohen warned New Yorkers to not let down their guard given the warmer temperatures at the end of January that will carry on to the first week of February, with the cold expected to strike soon afterwards.
“I think in the time frame of the second week of February and even possibly mid-February a stretched polar vortex is becoming more likely,” Cohen added. 


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