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Taylor Swift: Man charged with stalking near singer's New York home –

Taylor Swift: Man charged with stalking near singer's New York home –

A man has been arrested and charged with harassment and stalking near Taylor Swift's New York home.
David Crowe, 33, from Seattle, was arrested on Monday after complaints about an "emotionally disturbed male acting erratically".
He was charged with two counts each of harassment and stalking, New York Police Department said.
The incident comes days after Swift's house appeared to have been the target of an attempted break-in.
At the time the singer was away from home supporting her NFL player boyfriend Travis Kelce, as his team the Kansas City Chiefs played the Buffalo Bills.
Police have not confirmed if the suspect of the first arrest was linked to the harassment and stalking case.
Swift has been plagued by men targeting her New York home, and others she owns in California and Rhode Island.
In 2022 a man was arrested for drunkenly driving a car into the Grammy winner's New York building and allegedly trying to gain entry.
One man, Roger Alvarado, broke into her home and was found by police sleeping in her bed. He was sentenced to six months in jail.
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