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Winter storm brings heavy snow to some, slush to NYC – FOX 5 New York

Winter storm brings heavy snow to some, slush to NYC – FOX 5 New York

New York City missed out on seeing snow accumulation during the first major winter storm of 2024, recording less than a half-inch of the white stuff. And after all this mess, another storm is coming.
Watch live winter storm updates from FOX Weather in the media player above, and click here for snow totals.
A three-hour radar loop showing where rain (green) and snow (blue) are ongoing. (FOX Weather)
The nor'easter dumped a potent mix of snow and freezing rain across the region. 
High snow totals were reported in northern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.
Without officially reaching an inch of precipitation, record snowless streaks will continue for most major cities from New York City southward along the I-95 corridor.
A couple take a selfie during snowfall in Central Park in New York City on January 6, 2024. (Photo by ADAM GRAY/AFP via Getty Images)
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Though conditions will dry Sunday night and Monday, the area is now expecting another big storm soon.
Temperatures will continue to fall into the lower 20s and the upper 30s Sunday afternoon.
Any remaining precipitation will be light as the storm remnants mores north and east, crawling over Connecticut and Long Island.
Drier weather is expected on Monday, but the active weather pattern will bring another powerful storm Tuesday through Wednesday.
There are already indications flooding is very likely during the midweek time frame.
Forecast models suggest showers and thunderstorms could produce hourly rainfall rates of at least a half-inch, leading to flash flooding.
Flood watches will likely be required for counties in the highlighted region next week.
How much snow fell during the weekend's winter storm?
Northern New Jersey, suburban New York counties and parts of Connecticut saw much more accumulation, upwards of 10 inches in the interior.
Top snow totals so far in the Northeast and New England. (FOX Weather)
New York City, unfortunately, did not see 1 inch of snow in one calendar day and is not expecting any more snow, and will continue its snowless streak.
Long Island and areas closer to the city also avoided accumulation. 
 Click here for the full list of snow totals in NY, NJ and CT.
FOX Weather and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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